Off to nationals

I’ll be gone for a couple of days to Regina, SK. My kid is participating in the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) nationals this year. I get to go along as a parent AND a team coach. We re-fletched her competition arrows last night, double-checked her main and spare bows, and the van is loaded. Mrs. Pixel is the other team coach and we’re off on a road trip!

By the way, every single thing I mentioned that I’m doing above was labeled as impossible by three different doctors I had very early in my recovery. I was told no wife, no kid, and no real life outside of a group home. Phooey. Recovery IS possible!



Have fun and good luck to Miss Pixelet in the archery competion!

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Good luck at nationals!!


Thats good to hear, and yes recovery is possible

Hope you have fun!

Back. Successful trip. Two of the kids had new personal bests at the competition, but not good enough to place. My kid came in 5 points behind her score at Provincials thanks to coming down with a case of the hiccups at the 15m round. Poor thing. That being said, she scored 245 at Nationals last year. This year she scored 267 and considered that a flop. (Her record at Provincials is 272 and her best is 275 in a practice round at the school last week.) I’m happy that she jumped ahead 22 point in a year. If she keeps going over the summer, she should be able to add 10 points to that by next archery season.

Managed to stay within my calorie targets while traveling, which I’m happy about. Discovered that I like quinoa with a bit of garlic/lemon oil added. Managed to not eat tacos or Five Guys burgers despite having opportunities. Gotta get healther.

A good couple of days!



Very Cool Mr @velociraptor ! So cool for kids to have passions and interests and it sounds like the whole family is involved. Great you can share something like that together!

Well done on the healthy stuff! I’m getting there myself and know how hard it is to eat right! So well done to you and the family. Sounds a great weekend!

I wish all the best to you, your wife and daughter.
May you all thrive in all realms.
Watch out for your health, Antipsychotics can be very dangerous and cause premature death.

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Wow! I’m impressed. Your daughter must be a very good archer. Having something like that in her life could provide good memories and a feeling of accomplishment. I’m glad you’re doing well too.

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