Off the top of my head (A poem)

In this life we live today
It seems there is no better way
Than trying to find the ties that bind
And uniting within ourselves, free our minds

I know I am part of a greater thing
And sometimes I miss what happiness brings
I say to you yes it’s true you are blessed
And we will get through this cosmic mess

The voices they come, the voices they go
But remember under it all, it’s you in control
And a thought is a thought, and a thought can be changed
Be kind to yourself, we love you just the same

We are one family of sorts, dealing with this
And above it all, we will rise through the mists
Symptoms be damned, our illness is not us
And we are the ones who don’t like the fuss

Again I say, be good to yourself
Stay upbeat and you will see better health
And if someone has something to say, it’s their breath
It’s not like an opinion means death

So I love you, and I pray for your health,
Happiness, peacefulness, and much wealth


Really nice. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

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