Off pain meds today

My arthritis and muscle aches are manageable now without pain meds. My PCP diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency maybe a month ago, and I have been taking a weekly prescription vitamin D supplement. According to Google a vitamin D deficiency can cause rheumatoid arthritis and muscle pain. I’m happier now I don’t seem to need the pain meds.


I’m glad you can come off the pain meds. Wow, I guess that reminds me to take my vitamin d supplements, as I have a lot of aches and pains.

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Thanks @anon44466342. It probably won’t hurt anything to take a supplement. My PCP wants me to take a daily multivitamin w/minerals. Just one that doesn’t have mega doses in it. She advised no more than 200% RDA.

That sounds about right, I think minerals help the absorption of vitamins. I should take mine everyday because I’m on a vegan diet and don’t live in a particularly sunny area for the vitamin d.

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