Off my meds not by choice


So I’m off all my meds except my antipsychotic injection. The meds I’m off of is cipralex, topamax and Wellbutrin. What happened is my coverage is getting switched around and it’s not sorted yet I’m out of meds. I would go into the pharmacy and see if they could do anything but I accidentally charged my antipsychotic injection to my new coverage before it becomes into effect so it wouldn’t have gone through so now I have like a 1000$ dept at the pharmacy and my coverage won’t cover the injection yet to pay them back. So now I’m suffering rebound depression and really bad anxiety doesn’t help that it’s winter and that makes me depressed and that I just bought a expensive to me car making me stressed. I’m hoping my coverage will cover the injection soon and I can square up at the pharmacy, I’m hoping that happens before I end up to depressed to function good thing abilify is good for depression too.


I’m really sorry that happened. Can you ask the pharmacy to bill it to your current insurance instead?


My current insurance won’t cover the injection yet my doctor needed to fill out a form for special coverage but he didn’t do it for a couple weeks after my appointment so I’m waiting for that to go through now if he filled out the form yet I called him and he said he would.


I’m sorry, that is awful. Most doctor offices have prescription discount cards you can use if your insurance won’t cover the cost of the medication. Can you ask about one? Or ask your doctor for some free samples?


I can’t take injections because my insurance won’t cover them. They’re too expensive.


My insurance will cover my prescription I just gotta wait for coverage. But in the mean time my doctor didn’t have any samples of my other meds but my nurse has abilify injections she can give till I’m covered.


Magnificent withdrawals.


Right? I’m waiting for them to get real bad.


Topamax can cause seizures during withdrawal. Go to the ER and get a refill if you have to. You can’t just tough it out.


Okay I didn’t know that wish my doctor would have warned me I’m gonna probably go to the hospital and see what they can do.


So finally my coverage went through for my injection. I’m back on my meds and I’m feeling a lot better.


I’m so happy for you @Raven09


Thank goodness!