Off meds for now

I came off my meds since christmas ive recently taken amitryptiline again but stayed off the olanzapine i think im hearing my neighbours again my psychiatrist said this was the schizophrenia not my neighbours but im not suicidial anymore which is good

I sometimes hallucinate abt neighbors too… I just ignore it though… sometimes it’s like they are talking about me and my family . The other day it said my neighbors name and that she lived in front of me and called my brother’s name. Sometimes I hear stuff like it’s the girl next door. Sometimes I get weird dreams about my them too. I don’t think they like me but I am still cordial and say hi when I see them.

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Yer thats what its like for me too im tryin to ignore it to

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why did you go off your meds?

Because of the poxy side effects im now a stone lighter and i havent done any exercise

Last time i come off med i used to gave 25 kilo.but been thin doesn t solve your problems i started again

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