Off Lexapro and feeling depressed

I got totally off Lexapro because I didn’t feel it did anything at all and because my throat was more constricted on it. So it can’t be just a placebo effect that makes it work, it did help my depression. I am a little darker now I’m off it, I mean sad. I don’t mind it too much, it’s not severe.

I don’t know if I’m schizo affective bi polar or depressive type, I’ve had both diagnoses. A big prescription of Lexapro made me manic, I didn’t sleep for over two days and was not bored for a moment.

I’m just saying here now I didn’t believe in antidepressants and now I do. I’ll talk with my pdoc and see if there’s another anti depressant I can try though I think I’ve been on everything.

So boys and girls stay on your antidepressants!


Got any hobbies to keep you busy? Helps with depression.

I think it was Lexapro I was on when I was suicidal. I’m taking Abilify and Cymbalta now.

Today I practiced guitar 30 minutes at seven a.m., finished a book I got from the library, took a walk and went to the supermarket, started another book from the library, and practiced mandolin. I also watched an old timey silly movie. I was able to do my hobbies though I felt sad. The second book I read is a bit disturbing, it is about a survivalist cult.

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