Of which is greater challenge?

  1. Mental Illness itself such as manifestation of symptoms.
  2. Social Problem thereafter such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, unmarried.

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Funny question. Because yes, the first one is a challenge which often has the items in the second catagory go along with it.


their both hard in their own way…

Those are very coinciding problems too… it’s almost like one can cause the other…

homelessness and poverty can cause mental illness… and mental illness can cause homeliness and poverty…

Both are pretty horrid.

In this time of life… I’d have to say homelessness is what I fear more.

I have a mental illness… sure I’m on meds… I’m in therapy… I have a crisis team… under that… I still have a cross wired head.

But because I’m taking care of myself… I’m not homeless any more… I’m not unemployed anymore.

I feared for my life more when I was homeless…

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I’m pleased to hear that.

Yes, both are inter-related, and I couldn’t know that social problem can cause mental illness too.
Thank you for your input.

i grew up in poverty and i acquired social problems and started to withdraw (early onset) so i would say that our social environment contributes a lot to mental illness,

i also have no Job or Family of my own (which i want)

my mental illness and symptoms are under control (thanks to medication)

so yeah social problem

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Talking about both in their worse scenario…
Mental illness, if it’s unmedicated versus social problem with homelessness?

I rather have the social problem. I rather ask for money on the streets every day and get by with a 5 dollar meal than live every day with incontrollable symptoms and we all know how much schizophrenia can damage us mentally and emotionally.