Of the ten good things that happened today, I'll replay the one bad one

I did a lot today: laundry, installed a program on the computer, applied for a job, walked 2.5 miles, and cleaned the bathroom. Instead of a pat on the back, I’m ruminating about something trivial that happened earlier. I highly doubt anyone is thinking or giving any attention to it but me.

Any suggestions on how to combat the stinking thinking?


Get your mind off it; listen to music or watch TV. Replay all your successes today and dwell on those instead of the one bad thing. No one has a perfect day, there’s always going to be something that didn’t go right. If you just accept that one bad thing happened and that bad stuff happens to everybody and just move on and think about tomorrow or think about how you’re going to sleep tonight.

And keep patting yourself on the back.


First off, congratulate your brain on its evolutionary adaptations. The human brain is designed to notice negative situations more easily than positive ones, because that is how we learn to avoid doing things that harm us. Sometimes it misfires, and leaves you up all night worrying over that one minor mistake you made.

For me, it helps If I talk out the bad thing with a trusted friend, or here on the board. 99% of the time I will get someone saying “yeah I’ve done that too” and then my problem doesn’t feel so major.


just say to urself with voice
your good
you achieved today
put on context
feel the meaning you wanna tell to urself
put on different context
say abstractive sentenses
you 'll be fine
dont worry

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Thanks, you do the same.

@Ninjastar: that makes sense that I’d focus on the mistake, just feels like I’m going nucking futs second guessing myself. I’m not one to dump garbage on others so I’ll just journal it.

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Thanks for the tips. Positive affirmations are helpful.

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Just remember all the stupid stuff we all do. I still remember the time I was in fifth grade and I called my friend crippled instead of handicapped, and she was so offended she made our other friend punch me in the stomach hard. Keeps me up at night sometimes, but I doubt she even remembers it at all.

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yea, think about the good things that happen and take your mind off everything by listening music or watching the tv. I also have hard times sometimes with bad things that happened, like it keeps replaying in your head…

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