Of course it's not all about me

I’m not like that.

I’ve never been like that,

what, cuz I’m a writer, and a blogger?

give me a break.


ah sorry somebody says that about you… i’m sure you not like that.

I think my mom and step-dad talk about me like this.

they’ve never actually said it to me though.

well, volunteer information about what’s going on in your life.
I end up having to ask questions,

most of the time I’m finding out how my son is doing,
and I beg for pics.

not to get this thread locked,

but religion does that,

supposed to be humble, and think less of yourself.

In my experience religion doesn’t teach you to be humble. People who follow religion think they are gifts from God and special in some way. Truth is in this whole wide universe we are a tiny spec of insignificant sand.


In my experience, the Christian way is to be humble, to have, “the heart of a servant”

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I’ve volunteered places with Christians, and they don’t have a happy heart,

it’s like an obligation they’re keeping.


my father called me selfish and lazy when I wasn’t. Then, when I was mad at him, I withdrew and really did become selfish and lazy. But it only hurt myself. Not wise or mature of me.

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Oh. THOSE kind of Christians. Agreed. You’re right, they’re f**kin’ miserable. All for show. Or out of some kind of guilt or obligation. That’s why I’ve run into people who say “I’m religious, but not Church religious”. Feh.

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It’s okay to be a little selfish here and there. It took me ages to learn the value of the word no. If you help someone once then they will remember you for the next time they need help. I only help people who truly need it. High school was a good lesson on the consequences of helping people who are lazy and don’t need any help.

I have my own beliefs but I was lucky to have great teachers throughout my life and I view things differently.

yeah. agreed.

there was a kid in about junior high grades, I went to parochial school,

he was smarter than the teacher. both his parents were doctors.

he was real good about teaching me, since I was probably slow,
or not applying myself.

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So there are different kinds of Christians ? There are “those kind” and just Christians ? :joy:

Guys, this is skating the line of religion discussion. I mean, tbh it is ok because you’re not actually talking religion but we’re going to get flags from some Xtian that is offended because “not all Xtians”

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This one kid’s parents were teachers and he was dumber than a rock. I propped him up a little bit but if his parents couldn’t or wouldn’t help him then my patience had a limit.

Oh well. Next year will be my 20 year high school reunion. Old news.

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Everyone is special in some way.

Religion merely provides some with an essential framework to help order their lives.

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