Ode to my Teeth

I loved my teeth
They chomped on steak
They chomped on chicken
They chomped on candy
Well into my older years
Well fellows I think I’ll break tradition
And have myself a few beers
I became sick a week ago
And now I have extreme pain on the left side of my mouth
It could be a sinus infection
But it could also be my teeth
Another fellow in the group home laughs
Because he had all his teeth taken out in the past
But the pain makes me cry
And the aleve I take can only relieve
For about 12 hours or so
Sadly I look at the plate
Will I ever eat another steak
How will I afford the dental
It will cost as much as a uptown rental
Today with the morning meal was apple sauce
In a tube
Not today friend
Maybe when my aleve runs out
I will have to approve
In the many ways aging bothered me
I thought my teeth were safe
But it’s human nature
To slowly waste away
And be disgraced

I can empathise.

“And if I ever loose my mouth - all my teeth north and south If I ever lose my mouth, I won’t have to talk… I’m being followed by a moon shadow…”

Part of the problem might be the lack of brushing in this ode. You’ve probably got a cavity or an infection.

Also can be made worse by some ap’s. I brushed + flossed my teeth and they still decayed.

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