@OcelotKitty How are you holding up?

@Blossom just checking in with you to make sure you’re ok


Hmm. . .

If Times Are Troubling, Jus Know, You Always Got Your ‘Daisy,’

To Hold In Your Loving Embrace!.

Unless, That Is, Daisy Wants To Fly Into Outerspace.

Then, You May Need To Purchase The Sun With A PENNY.

Hopefully Coins Don’t Disappear Too. . .


Hey, @leafy! You’re so kind. :relaxed:

I am doing much better. I think the 300mg of Seroquel is keeping me stable. I had some disorganized thinking last night, but it wasn’t too bad.

No mania or depression! I was cycling pretty badly for a little while, but I think the Seroquel kicked my cycling mixed episode away.

Last Thursday, I was ready to go to the hospital. I had my things prepared. But then I decided to try the Seroquel and wait until the next day. I took my meds early on Thursday and I was asleep by 6:15pm. I woke up on Friday feeling much better.

So far, I’m doing well. Crossing my fingers that I continue to feel stable.

Thanks for the check-in. :purple_heart: :green_heart:


I’m glad you’re doing better! :heart:

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you’re welcome. Glad you’re feeling better. Good job recognizing the signs and getting help.


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