OCD acting up pretty bad

My ocd is getting really bad these days.

I have a lot of really stressful situations in my life right now and I know its contributing.

Adjusting my meds isn’t really an option,

I’m already on Abilify 400mg injections and klonopin 1mg daily.

Not sure if adding anything to that would help.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this?

We have the same problem, have u tried cbt therapy? It’s supposed to be good for OCD, haven’t tried it myself yet, seems like it would help all the way around, considering ocd causes all these other problems as well. Nice profile pic by the way, shout out to Rhett

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I started on zoloft and it has been very helpful for ocd and anxiety and depression.

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I have tried CBT and it was very useful.

None of the techniques I learned are working anymore, though.

I suppose I could get back into therapy and try to learn more, but that’ll take some time.


I’ve considered adding Zoloft, I even have a prescription for it, filled.

Just never took it,

I’m afraid of taking another medication and feeling even more over medicated.

I feel much more awake and clear minded on it. So many people have noted how much better I seem.

In that case,

I may consider it.

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Some things I do to calm down are:

Put an ice pack on the back of your head. This will cool down your brain and reduce activity in your limbic system, where emotions happen.

Try to levitate something with your mind. You obviously won’t succeed, but it gets you to focus all of your attention on a single point outside your body, instead of on your thoughts. I like to use this on airplanes or in public places, because it doesn’t require you to move at all. It looks like you’re just daydreaming to observers.

These are the things on my calm down techniques list that I first started using to help with OCD.

Biofeedback/neurofeedback also helped me a lot. It’s expensive, but so worth it. I did it for 12 years and now I don’t even have OCD listed on my diagnoses anymore.


I would recommend counting backwards starting at 100 counting back 7 each time. It keeps me busy

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