Occupational burnout

Yup. I don’t miss working in Information Technology. It’s the profession from hell.

I’m feeling school, occupational, and life burnout. I don’t know. Nothing interests me and nothing motivates me or heals me. I often fantasize about going back to college and majoing in CS or CE at a local or online school and working as a computer repair guy or technician like on bitcoin ATMS or just designing and building them. I would like to make a better one or design asic chips or something. I don’t really have the ability, capacity, and interest or desire to do web design or learn 100 frameworks/languages to make good money. I rather just learn c/c++ and a couple other languages and do that. Math interests me too and I have math books but math leads nowhere really. I just want a job and income coming through to me so I can invest in bitcoin or other cool investments and become wealthy.

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