Obviously one big f u tw

The cops retaliation.
I do alot of other things like associate with my dad and mom. My bf is like y’all.he says it’s not real and I trust him. I like watching TV,making jewelry crochet knit so I can ignore things.

I had voices saying weird things today.

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Your bf lives there and even knows it’s not happening. They don’t waster there money to hire minions to track what you’re doing. That’s just insane. You live below them. You can hear what they are doing, but they would barely be able to hear you unless you’re constantly screaming at them, which you say you do. They can’t see you!
Like the person above said too, you are completely obsessed with them. That’s not healthy! You haven’t gone a day without obsessing over them in over a year.

Since you say they harass you and follow you non stop then it shouldn’t be hard for you to film all of this! Film or tape something, anything related to these threats and post something. If you have something then maybe we can help you.
As far as police retaliation goes, I don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s just paranoia. Does your bf get upset with you that you obsess about them non stop?

Yes, please do this. You may not be able to trust your ears, but you can trust ours. Perhaps we can settle this once and for all.

@roxanna hope you find some peace. It’s a pain in the ass dealing with annoying neighbours.


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