Obsessively worrying


Do you ever obsessively worry about small/silly things? Ie making scotch pancakes with the rehab team. Mixing the ingredients seems ok but i’m obsessing about frying the pancakes and messing them up. Feel like i will be told off even though there is no logical reason to think so. When i have mentioned things going wrong before they have just said ’ no worries, if push comes to shove it just goes in the bin’
The stupid thing is on paper it sounds less difficult than other things i’ve done , basically mix and fry .
A strong component of my anxiety/paranoia is that the worst will happen and i will get in trouble/be punished.


Hopefully you’ll have success and can use that to go further next time!



I hope so but things tend to break apart because i flip them too early or the opposite happens and i don’t flip till burnt.
To tell you the truth i prefer things you can just shove in a casserole dish and put in the oven…


I worry about a lot of things. Right now it is about getting the taxes done. I worry about it not getting done, but it always does, probably because I worry about it.


Yea it tens to afact self awereness that what is being done.


I worry about the laundry and all the other things I know I’m not very good at doing. I WANT to do them. I want to be more self sufficient but I get really hung up on past mistakes. I don’t know why. I’ve never been yelled at or made to feel like an idiot for these mistakes.

My sis has Never once given me a hard time for trying something and not getting it right. She is very supportive and just calmly teaches me what to do next time. But I still get worked up about it.

Eventually I just have to force myself to try it. What is the very worst that will happen if I mess up? No one is going to yell at me. No one is going to be mean to me. So, it just takes a little extra time and I have to try again. It’s been hard to get myself to try again. But I’ve been working on it.

My sis put a thing in my room that says… “You only really fail if you give up”


mostly i worry about little things like money or my car or oversleeping. i tend only to worry about things within my control. if i can;t control it then there;s no point in worrying about it really. my voices try to make me worry about the future but i don’t. what will b will b as far as i’m concerned and i just relax and go with the flow. to do with pancakes, i’ve been cooking them for years and it’s not always easy. sometimes i make them too big and they break or i use the wrong pan or spatula and they all go in the bin but what’s the worst that could happen? no one is going to punish u hunni. ok so u might break one or two, or their pans might b crap, or something but like they said, if it ■■■■■ up the worst that will happen is it goes in the bin and even if it does, uv learnt how not to make pancakes. try and chill out hunni. it’s no biggie, really. good luck.


Ohhhh yes especially if I’m doing something that is being observed. I get very scared and worry myself to death. Usually to the point of crying… probably due to low self esteem. (trying to work on that it seems impossible at times). At my job I work two days a week mostly doing my own thing(mopping sweeping cleaning washing machines and dryers etc). However, I have a supervisor. And if we are in an apartment and I’m working my best at caulking or painting going as fast as I can and I feel him coming over to stand and watch me I start sweating and get upset. I’m afraid he’s going to be mad or disappointed that I’m going slow or I messed up. It’s an easy enough thing to do, and its not life or death, but I always end up feeling really upset at myself for not going fast enough. And then the voices see me as an easy target and start telling me how much I suck and its soo easy why can’t you do it like everyone else? Then a lot of the time he takes the brush or caulking gun and says see, like this? going faster than me and if we are in a hurry I can tell he is really frustrated and just takes over what I’m doing. Gah. But! things like feeding my fish I don’t worry about because I am alone and there isn’t anyone over my shoulder going ‘oh geeze that’s ten too many flakes; its taking you too long to get the frozen worms out of the package!!!’
You are not alone :slight_smile:


Yeah, I worry all the time. I worry about missing phone calls because I’m presently on a call. I worry about people making mistakes in the process for me getting Clozapine. People for the most part are competent but I worry. I worried a bit today about whether or not the lady who took my blood sample wrote the correct codes on the tube. In a sense, it’s my voices which make me worry… but I am naturally a person that worries over small, silly things.