Obsessive thoughts and a new drug

I keep getting these thoughts to kill my mother or set my dog on fire. I see myself doing it and can not shake it. My doc calls them ruminations and wants to put me on an anti-depressant which would help with the obsessive thinking, but I don’t want to do that. It’s also been six weeks since my last ECT treatment and she also thinks that has something to do with it so I’m going in a little earlier then we discussed, was supposed to be eight weeks. She’s also thinking of putting me on the drug Fanapt. Has anyone heard of this? Or tried it? For the most part I’m doing really well I just get flashes of symptoms from time to time. It’s not an everyday thing anymore. That’s another reason I don’t want to get the ECT early, I want to see if I can do the eight weeks. At the facility where I get the ECT the doc was saying I might get to a point where I could do it once a season which would be great. What med combos have worked for other people. She was also thinking of Latuda.

I’ve tried Invega before. It made me sick to my stomach. So I had to stop taking it after about a month.

Now, I’m on Latuda and Seroquel. I’ve been taking it for almost 3 years. This combination works better for me than any other has! Including Clozaril, which I was on for a few years. It’s improved not only my positive symptoms, but also my depression.

I hope you find a combination that works well for you! You have a lot of courage trying ECT. I’ve always been fearful about it. So keep up the good work!



I was dealing with to many problems and was often having thoughts of suicide. Put on anti-depressant Lamictal and was instantly happy most of the time. Even though I had the same problems which seemed weird but it worked. Since my mind was more positive I was able to work out my problems and go back off of it. Its main use is for bi-polar depression. So it didn’t make my mind raise.