Obsessive doubts meds?

I take

clozapine 200mg
Paroxetine 37.5mg
clobazam 10mg

Paroxetine 37.5mg is not working for OCD and i cant increase its dose either as it makes me more restless/anxious.

I’m thinking about increasing my clobazam to 20mg and adding escitalopram 5mg and risperidone 0.5mg

What OCD meds helped you the most ?

I take 200mg clozapine too.
And 200mg/4ml haldol injection

For OCD try these natural supplements.


All of these reduces anxiety and improves cognition.

I take supplement inositol. and a bit of CBD isolate. These seem to help me.

Inositol destroys your working memory, short terrm memory etc its like banging the head against the wall to feel nothing. Stop taking it. CBD also not safe in long term. Try above supplements. Need to find solution to problems without creating new problems.