Obsessive delusions?

Can I ask when your delusional do you obsess about this all waking days? I told my pdoc I obsess all the time but wasn’t sure he believed me, he has been out to get me! Do people with delusions obsess about them?

I’m alright know. The things I was preoccupied about - now I’m on increased antipsychotics I don’t obsess about them. Why is this?

Yes, when I was delusional I obsessed about those delusions.

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They do become very obsessional. Thank you for replying.

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Can I ask which meds worked for you?

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Invega — 150mg injection

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I don’t really obsess anymore about my delusions. I used to. Now things are passing thoughts regarding them. Meaning…it comes into my head every now snd then on a regular basis but just flies theough. This may be about multi dimensions…being in a simulation…being in hell…being killed or poisoned.

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I do normally yeah if it’s overwhelming me but right now I know I’m still technically delusional but it’s not on my mind 24/7 just randomly bothers me throughout the day

I wonder how a delusion is defined?

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