Do you have it ?
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  • No

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Tell me everything about your obsession?
I Wanna learn about it?

My obsession is smoking cigarettes…

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I obsess over abuse.

I have OCD, so it’s in my nature to be obsessive.


I answered no. But for years I was obsessed about this particular girl that got away.


I have my obsessions every day.
Its getting ridicouluss.

What do you obsess about?

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I tend to obsess over my health.
I’m a hypochondriac.

I have OCD so I obsess a lot.


That sucks

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Mainly over religion.


I obsess over
And more stuff.

I dont know what to do…

Whats supposed to be the medical treatment?

It does suck lmao… but I plan to quit soon

I have a couple of obsessions. I’ve moved on from the negative ones but now I obsess about studying or learning in general but I don’t really study the books I need to study.

I’ve heard Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps but here’s a similar topic but for OCD.

Paintball, at least as a teenager — then cars and beer, music - stuff like that :upside_down_face:


I used to obsess about aluminium poisoning. I would worry about food additives or drinking from a can.

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Im on an antidepressant already.

I have no obsessions thankfully.

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I have a lot of obsessions. I think I have OCD along with Schizophrenia.

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I use to obsess about food having poison in it. I nearly starved myself to death. I haven’t thought that way in a while. I still have my daily delusions and I get hallucinations when I go to bed, but I’m use to them. That’s it. Good things.

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