What do you find works or helps with obsessions?
I was wondering if anybody on here knew the difference between Asperger obsessions compared to schizophrenia obsessions


ive read that OCD can be related to depression. I think sometimes people get so depressed that they become neurotic (just cant take it any more) and begin doing something to cope with it like biting our nails, blinking our eyes, rocking back and forth, playing with our hands…some people from certain experiences wash their hands excessively, turn light switches on and off etc.

They dont feel satisfied unless they do it properly. I think it comes from something lacking within the person so they look for some outward “task” to complete so that they can feel satisfied or at least to distract themselves from the thing which is eating them. After a while it becomes a habit that gets out of control if they keep going to that distraction/task.

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Well to be honest, i haven’t had too much trouble with obsessions since starting my medication. However, i do find that when i have some obsessions (still get them from time to time), distracting myself quite often helps. Perhaps it will only work if your mostly managed with your medication. If your medication isn’t covering your needs, you may find it harder to distract yourself.

As for Asperger’s obsessions vs Schizophrenia obsessions - i think that people with Asperger’s generally obsess over something that is real. So for example - they’ll obsession over objects based on their colour or shape or textures. Whereas people with Schizophrenia obsess over things that aren’t real.

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By aspergers obsessions I presume you mean the special interest thing. But what do you mean by schizophrenia obsessions?

Can obsessions negatively impact the loved ones around …
That’s what I’m curious about

If you refuse to talk about anything else it can annoy the hell out of everyone.

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You are very fluent in this!
That makes sense
I wonder what kind of therapy someone can do
So that they learn boundaries and not annoy someone with the same topic…

Learn to read body language and micro expressions so you know when you’re boring people or aggravating them.


Always ask people about them and their interests. Try to find mutual interests.

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If I could tattoo this statement on my face I would.


That’d be a funny tattoo

Good advice @velociraptor!
I’m going to make a note

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