Obsessions and special interests

I wonder what the difference,if there is one, is.

I don’t think mine would count as special interests.Having said that about them not being ‘special interests’ I do become fixated on them to the neglect of other things.

Pre internet: Making cassette tapes by artist/genre/year etc. Writing lists of songs by genre/year etc.

Internet: Checking my rss feeds and twitter etc over a dozen times a day for articles to post on facebook/forums/twitter. Mostly mental health and politics.

Pre internet I would go to my local library and scour books on mental health and psychology.

A lesser /more sporadic interest over the years has been genealogy/traditional and dna.


It’s amazing how we survived without the web isn’t it. And mobile phones!

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I’d say I’m mildly obsessed with my diagnosis of schizophrenia, sometimes it goes beyond just a special interest

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I greatly appreciate the articles you post relevant to mental illness. Please keep it up

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I am also very interested in genealogy and family research @firemonkey :slight_smile:

I still like to make mix cds for friends and family.

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