Obsessed with space?

Is anyonelse here obsessed with space and dimensions? I think when I have episodes this obsession gets crossed with my voices and hallucinations and I feel like the Universe is out to get me. My hallucinations take on the shape of black holes and time warps trying to suck me in. So on one hand, when I’m calm space interests me, and on the other, when I have episodes I feel like the Universe is out to get me and giant space beings are playing me in a video game. Does this make sense?


I am absolutely fascinated and terrified of outer space.

When I was a kid it was my favorite part of science class every year.

Its weird because as interested as I am, I’m oddly phobic about its vast and empty space.

Anyway, I don’t have any space related delusions, but I totally understand how it could happen and how difficult it could be to cope with.

Are you on any medications?

Welcome to the forum!

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I’m a fan of science but I haven’t had the type of hallucinations you have. Mine were seeing space time. I also had no sense of time.

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Thank you! Yes I’m currently on Risperdal. I’m still trying to find the right dosage for me. I still hallucinate the time warps and black holes, but my paranoia is slowly decreasing. Are delusions easy to identify on medication? This one is the only one I have been insightful about.

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I don’t know.

I know that I have gotten a lot of relief from religious delusions with CBT,

Are you seeing a therapist?

No, I’ve yet to find a therapist. But I just got on my meds this month. I’m still trying to feel my way around.

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I just got back on meds this month after being unmediated for a couple years, so we’re kinda in the same boat.

It takes a little more time to adjust, I’d say up to three months.

But you should find a therapist in the meantime.

Its super beneficial and can really help you gain some control.

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Spaceman Invader, here :alien:. We come in :peace_symbol:


I’ve been into space since before i had memories. My grandma used to say i couldn’t go to bed unless i had to see the stars.

My mom said i always had to go say goodnight to the moon :crescent_moon:


I feel like I’m seeing the world for the first time. I was told at the mental hospital to join here if I had no one else to talk to. So far so good. My social worker was looking for a therapist for me, but could only find me a psychiatrist for now. But I will get on that soon.

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