Obi-Wan Kenobi is reportedly getting his own standalone Star Wars film


I know you resent this kind of nonsense but I’m super excited about it.


I have mixed feelings. Like if it doesn’t affect the main storyline, why rehash it?

Yes I don’t think I’ll be watching … :frowning_face:

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Oh, I’ll still watch it. I just don’t know if it’s necessary.

You’re such a curmudgeon :joy_cat:



I’ll watch it, but it will be with the same dread that I rubberneck at bad traffic accidents involving lots of fire trucks and ambulances.

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I knew about this since the force aqakens was still in theaters.

@Rabbit_Farmer In rouge one alot was retconned (although left a lot of plot holes). For one, there was some expanding of the character of Vader which hinted that he may still follow the Jedi way (form of detachment). When he says “be careful not to choke on your ambitions” he is preaching, forcefully, the Jedi ideal of detachment, which in real life is based on the tao.

So there are some things that do with the current story line in terms of adding extra elements.

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Don’t you think Vader was being sarcastic when he was giving advice? (and choking people) like maybe he just wants his underlings not to screw it up for him? I don’t know, complete sidebar anyway.

Well in the scene I’m talking about the guy he’s choking is being “relieved of duty” so to speak in that he’s no longer responsible for the death star. Vader tells him this and the guy kind of throws a fit saying how this was supposed to be his time to shine and things of that nature. Vader chokes him and gives him the line to not choke on his ambitions. So he’s kinda a confused Vader imo at this point. In later movies yes he is choking people who failed.

But he’s dead.

Rehashing the series again and again is getting boring.

There we were many different fresh versions of Star Trek.

Star Wars needs a total new fresh idea.

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It will be a young han played by not Harrison Ford

I’m just tired of the same story over and over again with different actors.

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All the best stories have been taken. Same with music tunes. That’s why they can’t come up with new stories.

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