Obedient meat eater

Because he sincerely thinks not eating meat makes me sick.

It makes it more difficult that I know he does this because he genuinely cares about me and he truly believes that I will go sick if I don’t eat meat because last time I tried going vegetarian I carb binged and behaved so badly towards him and embarrassed him in front of his friend and I’m the biggest animal lover there is and was having bad thoughts about the dog I now consider one of my closest loved ones and my baby.
When I was sick he got sick and if he gets sick with his condition he can die.he said he can’t cope with me being sick.

I understand him.
He has his heart in the right place.

I miss him n the dogs so much.

Don’t think he will ever take me back now .definetely not if I’m not a meat eater.

He could be the greatest man I know.


I am driving interstate now.
Thankful for my medication and my sleeping tablet I took yesterday.

Love to youzzz


That makes a lot more sense!

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