Obedient meat eater

I do not want to be a obedient meat eater and that is one of the reasons I am moving out of the most loving peaceful home I have ever had.

My boyfriend I am leaving expects me to eat meat if I am with him or he would break up with me.

To keep the peace I said ass long as I live with you I will eat meat.

This is another reason I will probably never be a Muslim again because I do not believe in obeying my man.

Another reason I am moving is my sacred neigh.

There could be a few more little reasons but that seems to be the main reasons I am leaving a man I love and who’s who has. Taken care of me and I him for two years.

I love him and his dogs but I am moving interstate to live with my family.

I am leaving a peaceful loving home.

I hope I do not get depre Or sick again.

I was so delusional when I met him and became better with him because I was not so lonely and he was is so good to me,thoughtful and kind.

I know a big change can trigger us but I hope to be stable on my medication that was raised thanks to him.

Hope we will stay friends.

I don’t have anyone to chat with so hope to chat with him.

He thinks not eating meat will make me sick.
I hope he is wrong.
I will go to a dietitian for help.

I will be traveling for a few days.
I have family picking me up because I can not move by myself.
I need help.

Hoping for positivity love understanding kindness to help us cope and get through this change and to even have things to look forward to.

I look forward to going to the hairdressers after I have moved and visiting my sacred neigh.

He is a great man and I am thankful for my time here.

Love :two_hearts: to you guys.

I think I feel helped having this forum to go to.


Good luck with your move. It’s good your family can help you with moving.

Is your horse already where you’re moving to or do you have to transport your horse?

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We both have to travel interstate.

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Oh good luck @SacredNeigh7! :sunny:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:!

I do not want to be a obedient vegan either so I hope people don’t try bossing me about too much and that I can stand up for myself even to those I :two_hearts: love.

Very sad but hopefully we will stay friends.

I will miss them so much the dogs and he. … his smell, nicknames he calls me etc

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Sad your losing that but glad you know what is best for you! I got on a plane once to get away from a lover. It was all I could do to get away. I still talk to her and we get on great but nothing much has changed. It was pretty toxic and I’m glad I did what i did!

I know that is harsh but looking after yourself is the number one goal. You just have to do what you think is best.

Good luck. Hope you find your peace!

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It must have been a very difficult decision to make leaving behind someone you care so much for. I wish you all the best @SacredNeigh7. May you and your sacred neigh find lots of love and happiness in your new home interstate.

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Thank you so much.:slightly_smiling_face:

It means a lot to me to read the nice words you guys have written.:two_hearts:


Being Muslim doesn’t mean you always have to obey your man. If it goes against God’s laws you mustn’t obey him. You ultimately only obey God.

But anyway, I would hate it too if my husband wanted me to eat meat. I’m committed to vegetarian lifestyle so it would be a nightmare to have to eat meat. Luckily my husband is ok with my vegetarian ways. He even likes soya milk too :blush:


Changing so much all at once can be really stressful. Do you have a therapist to help you through all the adjustments? It would probably help if you do

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No but I will get a new gp and psychiatrist and possibly support worker.
I can’t afford a therapist and don’t really believe in psychologist for me it never worked I even had my mum,step dad and therapist gang up on me once.

It was awful and I was suffering but instead they blamed me when I had been suffocated by pillow and told my stepdad would kill me if it wasn’t for my brother.

I think islam is a beautiful religion in so many ways and I was a good Muslim for at least a year I prayed five times a day etc but I do not believe in obeying my man and I don’t want to believe in Hell etc either so I don’t think I will ever be a Muslim again.appreciate my time being one though.i used to often cry when I prayed.

Today I’m leaving.
So sad and difficult and I don’t want us to get sick.
I will miss them so much.

All I have to do is obey and eat meat and I could remain his girlfriend but it’s not the person I want to be no matter how much I love :two_hearts: him.

What the heck is a “sacred neigh”?

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Why would anybody force someone else to eat meat? That’s ridiculous.


Living on plant foods alone won’t make you sick, since meat in society has been a delicacy for centuries up until recently. People used to eat it once a week, if that.

Plant proteins are complete proteins, and people can flourish on them, often better than on an omnivorous diet since the animal proteins damage arteries.

Just have to be mindful of your B-vitamins, particularly B12.


It’s a horse @SkinnyMe

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I’m surprised as a Muslim you could live with your boyfriend. I thought you had to be married for that. Anyway, I’m glad you’re getting a clear picture of what’s going on and that you’re making your decision rationally.

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Well, if you don’t have something that big in common you probably aren’t set out to be a couple.

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Thats sad. Ive tried to go vegan myself but find it imposible.

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I am not a Muslim now and I was not a Muslim when we met but I was a Muslim before I met him and stopped being one about a year before we met.

I am not a member of any religion now.

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It can be difficult.

My problem is I carb binge and don’t get enough nutrients.
With the help of a dietitian I believe I can succeed.
I might also do a online vegetarian course.

When I was vegan eight months I took b12 supplements.

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