O how i pray!

that when i die i will wakeup from this dream and be 12 years old again. i totally know what i would do with my life if i got a 2nd chance. i would join the service, a non action role, then get my gi bill and go to college to get a degree in physical therapy. and become physical therapist. i wouldn’t play sports or watch sports in my next life, would be busy getting my own life. if i had any free time i would workout or play music. and in retirement years i would travel the world. but i don’t want to be a doctor, just a physical therapist, wouldn’t want any role in surgeries or diagnosing illness.


That’s great man! I wish I could have joined the service but glad I didn’t because of schizophrenia. I wanted to be in ROTC but the schooling was so hard and I dropped out and was physically sick and weak from stress and eating 3-5 mcdoubles every day when they were a dollar something.

I would have loved to been a pilot especially a fighter pilot in the air force, but glad I didn’t apply or do that because I would have to repay the stuff due to dropping out due to psychosis and schizophrenia.

I really don’t know what happened to me. I sometimes think it was aliens or God or something or that I might be an alien myself :smile:

It’s not about the money. I’ve changed too. Back then I just wanted to fly. Now, I know I cannot join and probably wouldn’t due to my schizophrenia and delusions and stuff and my obesity, drinking monsters, alien talk, and smoking constantly, but I think I would join infantry now or have a technician or support job for civilians. Too bad and probably a good thing it will never happen.

I’m better off in the private sector personally. I do love and support our troops and country of course.

I never applied, but was so desperate, I often dreamed of going back in time like groundhog day and joining the marines and getting benefits but it wouldn’t work out. I have the tendency towards schizophrenia in every life.

Plus, it’s not right.

Personally, I think aliens are messing with my soul/consciousness and manipulating time and my life and reality but cannot prove it and sound crazy.

Maybe they’re looking out for me.

I feel like I’m an immortal person or immortal ‘vampire’ for lack of a better word. Maybe an Anunnaki hybrid.

Each branch has it’s own unique strength. I did JROTC in the AF and felt like that was my calling, but Navy is good as well as Army and Marines too.

There’s no do-overs and I read like most conspiracy theories out there that I could find and think the elite got access to the “Akhaisic Records”.

I was fit after high school for 1-2 years and was fit and benched 115 incline. I could do like 20 pull ups and a ton of sit ups, and even run a 1 mile or so.

I feel like something happened to me in college but it could just be dreams or parallel universes or astral projection or past lives, but I never applied or joined but I wanted to…

I also thought I was the world’s most powerful psychic, but I’m really not…haha lol.

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