Nutrition facts

The best way to max out the benefits of vegetables is by roasting them or grilling them. By roasting is stir fry ok?

The best way to max out fruit benefits is eating raw with some cheese but not sliced cheese it’s all processed and triple high in fats.

But fats help you lose weight. I now eat plain full fat yogurt with my smoothie every day.

I have no room to talk though too much alcohol depletes nutrition.

Yeah fats are our friend, I recently switched to whole milk

weres the beef? cooking on the grill can be fun and health too. but gassing the food ? tend to wonder? cooking on a elc grill is great for me get out the fat and burns just fine.

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Really, do you think drinking whole milk is helping in certain ways? If so, how?

I only really drank whole milk when I was pregnant, but I’d like to switch too.

Is the taste better too?

milk more then the body can handle. and 2% is a wast

You really got to ask the waitress is this cottage cheese made with whole milk or skim they don’t usually know. .

I heard that whole milk is better for you than low fat or 2 percent - I dont drink it, but add some to my coffee.
Whole milk tastes better

I like green tea a whole lot

Hey you guys. … farmed fish or wild caught?

Wild caught - most definitely

Yeah but they say the contaminants aren’t contained the way farmed is and it doesn’t deplete the natural eco system.

No matter which way - Fish is good for you, Ive always stuck with wild caught, but some people like farmed, it depends

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I just bought a nutribullet extractor smoothie maker.

It is supposed to get 95% of the nutreints out of what I am blending and have them in their easiest to digest form.

Oh cool. I’ve got a ninja. I use the small one but it also has large blender on it.

What do you make in yours,

oranges, apple, pear, blueberry, grapes, mixed veggies, broccoli, caulflower, spinach, kale, collard greens. peppers, onions, strawberrys, kiwi, mango so far

You mean all together, gee that sounds like a power surge. I like all that too

somtimes I get a slice of apple, couple strawberries and blueberries, half an orange, a little frozen mixed veggies and

caulflower and brocculli and little spinach and kale and somtimes some green and red and yellow peppers with some onion

and blend it all up with a cup or two of water and drink it down.

Yum make sure you add some fat though

yeah I heard some nutrients are fat soluble meaning they only can dissolve in fat or somthing.

I have a small Ninja that I use for mixing milk shakes .