Nursing school starts next week!


Aaaahh!! I’ve finally made it!! The paperwork is in, I’m cleared, I’ve gone to orientation, I’m all registered, it’s all done with. Classes start next week as do my first clinicals. I am beyond excited. And very very nervous as well! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and seen me through this journey. I won’t let ya down!


I wish you the best :slight_smile:


Good job and good luck :bug::bug::bug:


Yes!! I’m so happy for you @Anna. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’re going to do great!

I understand being nervous though. I’m a little nervous about doing my BA program. But I figure after passing chem I’ll do fine LOL.

Take care, and study hard!


Good luck! I’m so proud of you!


I’m proud of you @Anna!
All the best to you!


Sounds like such a huge amount of progress with life in a short space of time for you @Anna. So happy for you and good luck with the nursing! Keep your stress low and enjoy it. You’ve done so well and worked hard to get there. Kudos to you!





I’m so happy for you! You’ve worked so hard to get here. Congratulations friend. :hugs:


Congratulations! Get some sleep now while you still can!


Go @Anna! You rock! You are remarkable! I am inspired and encouraged!

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