Nurse's Sz Video Referencing Command Hallucinations

So, at the 7:25 mark, the nurse starts referencing voices and other positive symptoms. The thing is, she says "as the voices are mostly command hallucinations…it can compel them to act in violent acts…and they think they are obligated to obey the voices…"

Big claims there, lady. I was all for this video until this part. She did have a lot on speech disorders like she mentioned neologisms making up words but this one quote really disturbed me. She’s a nurse and she’s training students that we are compelled to act violently due to voices. What are your thoughts?

FYI, commands aren’t too common, but I did get them. No, I was never compelled to act on them. It was like hearing a Big Mac commercial telling me to go buy bigmacs, am I compelled to buy a big mac just because I heard it on tv? No. Am I compelled to commit violent acts randomly because some disembodied voice told me to? No. No history of violence or stealing, etc…this is the kind of minor errors in “educational” videos that cause MAJOR problems for us who are sz and trying to come out in society. What are your thoughts?

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I sometimes did what voices told me to, but it was always harmless stuff. I am fundamentally non-violent and no amount of hallucinating could change this.

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Yea, sometimes I did that, too, lol, like put your left sock on first. Then again, sometimes I’d intentionally put on the right sock on first….nobody tells me what sock to put on first, you rat spooks!!
I think she’s trying to imply that voices can make an average sz violent. She never even mentioned that “the majority of schizophrenics are not dangerous to others…” which most videos make an effort to state.
Other than this, it was a good video. I’m a little bit disappointed in nurse lady, she was so close.

Mine told me to stop doing stuff when I first became ill.

Like not killing myself or going to see where they were hiding, as it would make things worse. Or to stop listening to the radio or use my PC as it draws too much attention to myself and the fact I was in my room.

They also used to tell me it could all stop if I phones them and as I got my phone out to type the number they recited my own!


lol i did the same phone number thing, but the numbers were to invalid phone numbers!

I sometimes dialed if I could no longer contain my “what ifs” any longer (what if it’s true that by calling this number, I’ll save a life??). Other times I was like, nice try, I’m not falling for that trick again…and then sometimes I just refused to obey because one should never trust disembodied voices…or anybody actually (in my paranoid state, this is what I would think).

Mine have told me to do many things like “attack him” or “drive off the road” . I have never obeyed them. I may be pshycotic, but I’m still human and don’t want to harm anyone. I don’t get them too often but often they aren’t dangerous at all.