Nurse told jobcentre i was ill but i had to go nyway

its so ridiculous. i cant believe i had to go and sort the jobcentre out as usual. and they have said even though they have had all the info from me, in last 3 weeks they havent sorted my claim

god im so fed up dunno what to do

they have done this about 70 times now and whats worse is i nver get paid until ive had a go but have had to cme off my meds to do it!!! for gods sake

how am suppoed to up my meds if ive gotta sort stuff out

i dont understand it

anyone else know?

That really sucks. Can you ask to speak with the manager? What if you had a written letter from your nurse to take with you? Where do you live?

i live in hull. its a real pain in the butt because it happens all the time and then im like going even more mad cos then i have to sort it myself.