Numerology came true again 😔

In 2012 I first looked into numerology and it said add up the digits in the year you’re born


Then add that and you’ll get an influential year of your life

2009=crazy year of my life I fell in love tried alcohol, tobacco and other drug for the first time and I changed a lot

Do it again 2009=11


Fn corona virus like enough said for me

Then 2024 comes after. Who knows what the numbers have in store for me that year

I thought since I’d be 30 in 2020 it marked the return of Jesus (my delusion I had a lot), and then in 2024 I’d die at 33. But don’t think so so I’m glad

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its just a coincidence

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I think I have a habit of looking for signs in numbers, too. Dates and times. For example 8 12 2020 would be 15, 1 5 would be 6. The important part is that the following numbers are significant to me: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10

The chance of me running into a significant number that “means something” is fairly high wouldn’t you say?

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