Numerical mind game

I am going to share a mind game that is constantly being played by memorizing a series of numbers.

Part of this numerical mind game is suitable for reading but it is not advisable to “play mind game” on your own.

I memorize and shuffle the numbers whenever I am under stress, and whenever my mind is blank---- so that it keeps my mind in good shape.

-0 0 +0

1 is sea surface
+1 is just below sea surface
0 is sea (you can swim to -0 and +0 in the sea)
-1 is sea bed

It literally means my psychological weapon. Only portion of my intellect is visible to the public (“1”). The rest of my intellect and emotion are hidden (“0”). And here is the (moral) strength, I can stand on my feet using -1 (sea bed), or retaliate using +1 (just below sea surface) to support 1 (sea surface). The -0 and +0 make the structure stable than ever.

Now does it make any sense to you.

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I love numbers you can work magic with them

Do you have anything to share…numbers?.

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I love binary. SHL SHR ROL ROR XOR…

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And here is a simple compression algorithm, since we mention about numbers.

It is identical to RLE (run-length encoding), as easy as ABC.

Example: aaaaaaaabbbbcccccc is encoded as a8b4c6.

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If you are using A…Z, a…z, 0…9 and punctuation in computer, each ASCII character can always be compressed by 12.5%, by just removing the 8th bit.

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Riddle me this, figure out what I was thinking here

I would need a lot of coffee… :eyeglasses:

a little bit. 

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Your memo is interesting. I prefer just the numbers, without the English words.

I am good at encrypting, not good at decrypting.

The Windsor and UFO are necktie knots. The rest may be jubberish but ment something to me at one time. I’m sure there’s some logic that I just can’t remember right now

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I am looking at your numbers right now…