Numbness in right thigh and pin prick sensation

I know this is probably not the best place for medical advice, but figured I’d weigh in here. My right thigh has had numbness around it for years. Recently, the numbness has gotten a little worse, but now there are pin pricks whenever I bend it and sit down etc…

Should I be worried? I know I ought to see a doctor in any case, but bleh, dun wanna.

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Well that’s obviously not diabetes. Good luck getting to the bottom of this.


I know you don’t want to but I think it would be best to see a doctor as this is not normal.

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I hope you’re not being sarcastic… but thanks. It very well could be, but it also might be a pinched nerve from the way I tend to sit (cross legged on chairs and so forth). Tight clothing tends to worsen it.

It could be diabetic neuropathy- see a doctor about it.

Definitely sounds like something to do with a nerve. It also sounds like it is progressing so is certainly a time to see a neurologist.

Thank you, I think you are right.

I doubt it’s diabetes because I just had a full metabolic panel done. That would’ve caught diabetes, right?

I think there are a number of different neuropathies. Only a doctor can say for sure what is going on.

But yeah I reckon regular metabolic testing would spot early diabetes. Diabetes is a problem with sz and APs.

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Thanks firemonkey, I would like this a hundred times but one time will hav eto do.

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