Number of American adults who smoke, hits a new low


The number of American adults who smoke cigarettes has hit a new low, according to results from a survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And for those who are lighting up, they’re smoking fewer cigarettes less often.


That’s awesome news man. Big trouble for big tobacco.


Yes, you make a good point Bryan, this is true


no need to worry about corporate america, they are the only one getting more than their share in america.


At the assisted living center where I live you can really see how sick cigarettes have made a lot of people. Also, having to pay for cigarettes makes a huge difference in the amount of discretionary income they have. I’ve heard that half the people who smoke die from smoking related complications.


wish I could quit, but I get soooo bored I’ve got to light up.


Number of Americans who realize smoking is detrimental, hits a new high :wink: