Nude Bungy Jumping for Schizophrenia Fundraising

Seems like the best reason I can think of to go nude bungy jumping :smile:

Bungy jumpers will strip down for mental health during the ninth annual Naked Bungy.

Naked Bungy – the B.C. Schizophrenia Society’s largest fundraiser – is back at WildPlay Nanaimo this weekend, giving nude jumpers the chance to plunge for less while raising money for the cause.

It’s an event that has gone from fringe to mainstream, according to Tom Benson, chief experience officer for WildPlay, who said it started out as a legacy from the old days when people were allowed to jump for free if they were naked.

WildPlay created its own terms, offering the jump for $35 – a 73-per cent discount – to people who braved the 45-metre drop in the buff during a once-a-year charity event.

“Jump off a bridge naked to help schizophrenia – it’s way out there, but it’s become a very popular, sought-after thing to do,” said Benson, adding there’s no question the two-day event will be completely booked.

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“These people need help!” One guy says.

“Grab the bungy and get naked!” Another exclaims.


fantastic fundraiser idea

I think i just might go do it LOL

Lol depending on the participants they might make more money charging people to watch.

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Erm… Well, if nothing else, it helps make ME feel more normal. If folks want to fork over money to my cause at the same time, so much the better.


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I find this most pleasing. That was a creepy way of putting it.

The girl on the left looks like she would be down with crazy. I know it when I see it.


**Naked? Who cares when you`re about to jump off a cliff!
Great cause however! :smile: **

I would at least wear a fig leaf ALA Adam and Eve.

I might not sure what would be worse being publicly naked or doing the bungy jump . In either case I’d probably literally be ■■■■ scared.

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