Nuclear Stress Test

I went to see my Cardiologist today and my EKG results were abnormal

My doctor scheduled for me to have a nuclear stress test.

I’m kind of nervous about it especially because I have to skip taking my beta blocker for 24 hours before the test

My heart is going to go nuts!

Last year I chickened out but this time I’m going to go through with it

Wish me luck!


Good luck Wave.


Thanks @TheCanuk!

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Good luck to you

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Good Luck @Wave

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Best of luck to you @Wave I no if I skip my metropolol my heartbeat goes crazy.


I did a stress test…they have to get your heart rate above 145 beats a minute and then hold that over the limit for one minute…then the ramp slows down and loses incline…easy…don’t get the injection…I would hate to have something make my heart race like that by a shot.

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Thanks y’all
I’m going to have to seriously consider going through with it

I don’t know how I’ll manage without taking my metoprolol for 24 hours!

I use to be a nuclear medicine technologist. The nurse or exercise physiologist will check your EKG before they do the stress portion of the test. If there is questionable activity on your EKG they will call the cardiologist. They won’t do the test if it will cause you negative effects. They assess risk. They take all precautions. Don’t worry. It’s a long test. It can take 2 to 4 hours. Good luck. Hope your test turns out fine.


Best of luck Wave i hope it goes well.

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Best of luck @Wave . It’s a good idea to get these kind of tests done.

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I had an ekg once say I was in heart failure. Well, I mean the machine interpreted my results that way.

But my family dr who did the test disagreed with it.

Hopefully it’s just a fluke and you’re ok

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Thanks @CoCo 1515

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Honestly I don’t know if I’ll follow through with it.
I really don’t want to suffer a heart attack by stopping the Metoprolol