Now THIS is ill


I think you can achieve much more if you have a better producer.

Lol the beat is lit cuz I think it’s something unique and new.

I know. Stick this the one who made it for you. He knows his ■■■■

Rap on something positive, be creative

You make me feel like a psycho :rofl:

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Maybe I will make music too but not now very tired

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Check out this

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No offense but the beat is whack and your flow needs improving. Just giving you proper criticism to improve…

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I think you’re a genius Gratitude ! I really liked it. Especially the ending.

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You’re very good at that rhyme style. I think your lyrics could use some improving, but overall, this was nicely done.

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I think I can do better. My most recent song is much better.

I’d say rhyme schemes are more important than lyrics.

I mean lyrics don’t have to be good in rap

Just have to be impressive

Flow good sound good

I thought this was good at first. But the best isn’t very good. It’s hard to rap on weird beats. This is much better if you’d wanna check it out later

Thanks for the feedback

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I need to connect with my emotions better. To improve lyric writing.

With proper meds this has improved.

Like I still get repetitive about ■■■■ that is constant typical rap themes. Would like to get away from it, a little more humorous too. Will come with time I hope :crossed_fingers:


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