Now they’re sleep depriving me

They’re probably doing it through the chip in my head. Every time I’m drifting to asleep they wake me up. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. I hope their conscious sears them.


There’s no chip in your head. I used to have that delusion too, but time and good treatment allowed me to slowly rationalize myself out of it. Also, I got a CT scan of my brain, which showed nothing abnormal.

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I keep waking up early too. Sucks. Just need more sleep.

Who are they? 151515

Usually “the people behind the voices”, who are mere figments of our imagination, though they might seem to be unique and separate people.

Good treatment and brain repair make them quieter, and possibly even silent.

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I had a brain scan and it did show something. They don’t know what it is.

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I had similar thoughts to that but my thing was satellites. I think the military training may have something to do with it.


It might be aliens. I don’t know if humans are capable of this advanced technology.

What happens if we’re all just getting ■■■■■■ with by aliens?


I wake up too early every blinking morning. It really s-cks. And no one, including my pdoc, knows what to do about it.

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You’re not understanding me. I haven’t slept at all.

The longest anyone has ever stayed up is 11 days. They might have to induce a coma just so I can sleep if this keeps up.


That really s-cks, @Tyme. Does your pdoc know about this? Can he/she do anything for you?


How many nights and days have you been up so far?

I’m going back to the hospital so they’ll give me something to sleep.

Like 48 hrs straight, but haven’t slept well in about a week.

What do you guys think should I go in or hold out?

I’m sorry Tyme. I went 2-3 days with near zero sleep myself. I’m at least getting 3-4 hours now. Do you have to get hospitalized for days or something to get the drugs? I mean for your health it may still be worth it in my opinion, even if that’s the case. I hope you can get rest soon.

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I think you should definitely go in especially based on your previous posts.

I got my sz in control. These days I wake up with breathingproblems. I got bad asthma. Wish my sz back. Especially I can’t do breathingmeditation. From frypan into the saucepan.

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The Illuminati or whatever they call themselves has me by the balls. They’re still sleep depriving me. I tried to drink to fall asleep and still nothing. It seems I start to fall asleep then they wake me up. The only reason I’m posting this cause nobody would believe you guys anyway.

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