Now that I'm not delusional anymore I realize I have real problems


Now that I’m not delusional anymore I can see that so many people really are out to get me.

A handful of people that I knew thought it would be funny if I either killed myself and or ended up in the hospital for who cares how long.

Including my father.

God, that’s so cold.

I finally see now that this is how it has to be.

They also know exactly what they are doing to you precisely, so people with schizophrenia beware.

lots of people are born into ’ bad ’ environments. :house_with_garden:
if that is the case we then have to ;

  1. make a decision to move from the negative situation.
  2. if you cannot move away from it…then make a decision to become a better person than the people around you…a better you.
    no one moment defines you…nor does a family define you.
    i hope things get better for you :heart:
    take care :alien:

Thanks darksith

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It sucks so much to be born into bad environments.

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yes it does…it is unfair to have sz and to have a rubbish family.
but what i learnt was that the experience gives you;
an inner strength
an insight into the weakness of others…
it forces you to overcome…seemingly the impossible.
if you change…become a better person :man: …something beautiful does grow inside you. :deciduous_tree:
you don’t realise at first…but this goodness/kindness becomes you.
take care :alien:

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There was a time when I was psychotic that I thought people were trying to get me to kill myself. I bought a gun, a .22 auto handgun. My reasoning was that when they saw I wasn’t going to kill myself they would send someone after me. I wasn’t going to walk into a crowd and open up, but if someone had walked up behind me on a dark night I might have turned around and shot him.