Now that bitopertin failed

Now that bitopertin failed 2 out of 6 clinical trial,is there any other new medication to look out for and also is there still possible for bitopertin to go through and make it?

I know nothing about clinical trials but I’m thinking just because it didn’t do as good as they hoped it doesn’t mean that it didn’t help some people. Hopefully it will still become an option.

It might still come out, since there are 4 more trials for negative symptoms going on. But the chances of that happening are much lower now unfortunately. It’s a shame, I really had high hopes for that drug. A number of pharmaceutical companies are developing selective GlyT-1 inhibitors for the treatment of schizophrenia, but none of them are as close to coming out as bitopertin.

I wonder whether the attitude towards off-label prescriptions like minocycline will change after the final withdrawal of the industry. Maybe even in a sense that physicians are able to achieve official approvals without industry money.

Actually - I think its way to early to say that bitopertin has failed - just because two trials showed no results. Most of the tests are still ongoing - so lets wait and see.

Also - Typically the companies have a number of different (and very similar ) drugs that they will test. So even if this specific molecule/drug didn’t work - there may be another molecule that is slightly different that they will also put through clinical trials.

So - lets just hold on for the next year and see where things go.


EVP-6124, ADX71149, and Naurex is working on something also.
These are the only ones I have been able to find.