Now it's my dentist story

It’s funny. When I wrote my dentist thread I had completely forgotten that I had an appointment today at :…the dentist!
I just got back from a cleaning. The girl that did it was a cute young hygienist. She talked to me. She was nice and she even said that I was her favorite patient! The cleaning hurt a little, but not too much. After she finished the dentist examined me. I have one cavity; I go in at 7:30 am tomorrow to get it filled. My dentist is only ten minutes away, but the traffic sucked, I had to stop and get a coke at Jack-in-the-box to make me happy. I tried not to glare at anyone, my sister told me last night that I look like everyone else as long as I keep a pleasant look on my face. You guys are brave for being open about your illness. But if I can hide mine-then I will.


I called mine today. Booked out for a month. Oh well, got an appointment to refill the filling.

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mrs sith worked for an accounting firm in the city, one of the guys was saying the dental care nurse he had just been seeing was ’ cute ', needless to say all the guys from the accounting firm went in over the next week…!?!
she was good for business !!
take care
p.s good on you for going, you have set a good example.


this is funny, I have to go to the dentist soon apparently, my mom told me. They’re gonna be like “You used to binge drink and you smoked a cigarette on the way over here” lol no they dont give a ■■■■, just try not to slobber on their tools and dont move your tongue around, I imagine that would freak them out. But hey they get paid to tell me I have nice teeth and to keep flossing and brushing. They get paid a lot. So maybe I will eat cheetos before the appointment so they have to clean all of the orange crap out. LOL


Actually Mortimer, they make more money if you have bad teeth and you have to keep coming back.

hahaha im gonna boycott them by buying state of the art dental hygiene crap with the 800 bucks I have in my mattress.

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I try and hide mine in public the best I can, and that usually means avoiding everyone and looking down at the ground while listening to music. I do briefly look around to double check that no one is scoping me out for a pick-pocket or a robbery and watch out for traffic but other than that I usually keep pretty quiet and keep to myself. That’s why I’m worried when people tell me “I don’t look sick” well they don’t see me in mid psychosis because I try and keep those for when I’m alone at home or just with parents.

Electric toothbrush : $100.00
Waterpik : $80.00
Toothpaste" $35.00 a year
A good whitening system : $40.00
Total : $255
You can buy a new mattress with what’s left over!