Now im being forced to quit smoking

My dad is forcing me to quit smoking. He wont buy cigarettes anymore since he quit smoking. But he will buy them for my mom who chain smokes non stop and is driving me up the wall with the smell.

I went to my intake for weight loss surgery. Because I overdosed in June they assume I have a problem with opiates so I was denied admission and told to re-apply in seven months!

Im getting really freaking depressed. I want to lose weight. I have no motivation. Nothing simulates or stimulates my interest. And Abilify doesnt do much other than happy sugar-coated dreams and I sleep all day and I dont want to fall into a serious depression.

Depression will cause me psychosis thats all I Know. Im bipolar 1 and adhd. Not schizophrenic. Finding new doctor. TIred of this BS.


I quit smoking 13 years ago cold turkey. It was damn hard. I started smoking when I was 13 and I smoked for 17 years. I quit when I was 30, I am 43 now.

All I can tell you is when you get a craving do something, anything. Go for a walk, clean the closet, etc… just do something to occupy your mind so your not thinking about cigarettes. Also work on your psychology, tell yourself you hate cigarettes. The intensity of the craving should pass, but they will come back later, so rinse, wash and repeat.

The first week is brutal, but after 6 months I was doing a lot better. Now I don’t even think about it, and I live with 2 heavy smokers, so I see and smell it all the time.

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I don’t know why, but on Abilify I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t sleep - and I relapsed on 30mg ffs!

As to the smoking, I will never quit, no matter what

If you want to smoke you’ll have to find a way to buy them

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