Now I hear it, a voice telling me I"m a bad person

Now, I know what I’m up against. That voice is going to get an argument.

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Why do these voices come at us out of our brains? For that’s all it is, electrochemical activity of the brain. It’s very strange. So far, my voices haven’t addressed me. They just babble on disinterestedly. I could just as soon not be there.

It’s because of the mind going blank. Thoughtless, my father used to call me. So, some religions hint that we are born bad. I could never understand the choice because my mind had shut itself down from punishment. I was a very scolded child and soon learned to scold myself. The alternative was thinking not at all. It’s sort of a case of not knowing any better. Call me bad, but call me.

If I didn’t hear voices, I might say that my diagnosis was OCD, what with all my fear of hellfire for doing “bad” things. Vraylar is helping with that tho.

That voice doesn’t deserve your attention


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