Now i have that pressure :/

my mom wants to go in russia. she s from there in fact. i think she s fed up of taking care of me… ill stay completely alone if she goes there…i am not still stabilised, i wanna cry,my sister doesnt want to take care of me neither…

sorry, idk what i’d do if my friend stopped coming round, i’d feel really bad i guess, i hope things work out for you anna, i’ll be praying for you x

ok thanks daydreamer. thats what i caused to myslef with my stubborn isolation…:confused:

its not your fault, you are just needing help because you have problems x

Oh honey, this is terrible to hear about. Maybe she was just talking, she doens’t mean it.

You can take care of yourself, I’m sure of it, if it comes to it. You already endured so much.

i talked to her on the phone, she says that this seems to her now irrealisable… the problem is that i am still paranoid and cant take care of myself a lot…the food is problem,ill cook ok but going to the shop is difficult now,thats it…

So she says she wont do it? That’s a good thing.

yes, she is quite ill also and we dont have the money plus she cant get on the plane or on the train…i dont know if she will do it…

I am so sorry your going through that.

So if she’s not going there’s no reason to be affraid of it. It’s just your fears, they pass, don’t worry.

If she reassured you that she’s not going, you can relax now.

yeah, i took a half of rivotril cause my head is a mess right now,probably somebody understands this :slight_smile:

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