Now i have genital warts...sorry for the post, but i need help

Ok, i am really sure its genital warts. I have four of them since 3 years… They didnt augment though for these years, but i am scared till death now…
Since the next week, i’ll seek a gynecologist, but some females here had this in their life? On internet it says, that its indicative of human papilloma virus…
Can some girls, who had these, can pm me pls? Tell me if the treatment is tough, if its very resistant, if its a quite common sexual disease?
I’ll appreciate thanks…
Did you get rid of them easily? Pls, if someone had this issue, write me a private message pls…
I’ll try to get a gynecologist in my local hospital, sheesh… With my impatience and the anxiety from the sz, now this… Yeah, i had some shitt* partners, not many, but some avoidable i guess…

They just burn or freeze them off. Virtually painless, but some might be sensitive to it.

I dont care about the pain… I am scared, that i have a sexual disease now :frowning: … Is it a dangerous sexual disease? Did you have them too? I wasnt paying attention at all in sex some years ago… Now, i’ll be very much careful… But i was irational at the time :frowning:
Is it a common thing in women?

Hey @Anna1 - HPV is very common. That’s why they vaccinate young people these days. The good news is that if it’s an HPV that causes genital warts then it’s not a cancer causing strain. You should definitely see a gynecologist though.


It’s a symptom of HPV. The warts aren’t dangerous. Just can be annoying from what I read.

How can cause cervical cancer so make sure you get pap smears when your gyno says.

Here’s info on it from the Mayo Clinic.

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Ok, i’ll see a gynecologist. I am getting more rational these days, concerning my sz, but i remain still very anxious and paranoid…
But i had these warts since 3 years, now i am decided to get over my fear from the gynecologist… I had enough. This is important, i’ll see one yeap. I’ll try my local hospital, nearby me, cause i cant even walk from fear…
Should i wait that my periods ends just though?

Yeap, the pap smear… Never did it in my life… I was scared from the gynecos for years… Now it’s the time for them :confused:
Sorry, that i am so low care about my gynecological health :/, am a bit ashamed… My sister makes her pap smear once in an year lol…

Yes, wait until your period ends. You can’t get a pap on your period

Ok, thank you, both, pals… I am still very sz, with my conversion disorder. Now this. But am ashamed in front of you, that i was so low care on this gyneco health, yeap… anyway. I didnt have sex since 5 years in fact and one of the reasons was, that i needed to check myself first.
Ok, i’ll wait for my period to end. I was scared from the gynecos, cause i am a mental health patient as well and i didnt know how would they see me. I still care about bullshi* like that, yeah.
But this will be my next job, for sure, to see them…
Thank you for the help, really :relaxed: I’ll pray, that its just some inoffensive warts lol…

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Hey, with my unwill to see docs, my difficutlties to go out, i saw the new gynecologist today though, it was urgent sheesh… Thank you both, you motivated me… I was ashamed, that i didnt maintain my gynecological health since years, gosh… The doc saw it :confused:
But yeap, its warts effectively. He extracted the bigger ones, now i bleed a bit and prescribed a solution for the smaller ones…
He also made a PAP test, pray for me, that i dont have a cervical cancer now lol :frowning:
I’ll have the results at 27th of july.
I told him, that i am a mental health patient, i always say it to the docs…
He also said, that my bladder and my uterus are lowered, but that its a genetical disposition…
But yeah, from now, i’ll be more careful about my gynecological health, sheesh… Someone gave me these warts, its contagious…


i’ll pray for you, @Anna1

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Thank you, dear :slight_smile: .

is that a bad thing? or do more people have that?

Well, he said, that its quite common… Not like very, very common but its common yeap. He said some women give birth to 3 children and their uterus doesnt go low, but some, who never had kids even, have lower uterus… My mom is like that too i think…

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That’s great that you got to see the doctor @Anna1!

As someone whose cervical cancer was detected early because of regular Pap smears, I like to encourage others to not skip the gynecologist.

I hope you’re proud of yourself for taking control of your health.



Good for you getting those burned off. Be sure and don’t forget your yearly pap smears.

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Glad you got checked out

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I’m glad you got medical care, even though you were stressed. You have a treatment plan so that will help you a lot. Get better soon.

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Yeap, thanks :relaxed: well, I even almost don’t go out since years… For some paranoid szs as me, it’s hard even to care about our other health… This doc saw that I left away a bit this kind of health. I tried to explain him, that I can’t stand on my legs from fear, I even struggle to walk sometimes… But I had enough after the past years… I kicked myself today out in almost total craziness to check myself… I couldn’t carry warts, sheesh… My fear now is the results of the pap test, but we’ll see on 27th of July. From now, I’ll really try to see docs more often, even if this means to take klonopins lol :slightly_smiling_face:

Yah, I get that. It’s hard to go to all the different doctors. But in the long run you are taking care of yourself and that’s very important and necessary.

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