Now I feel withdrawn

For the few weeks I came off meds, i went out and lived my life. Now I just sit at home, go to work and that’s about it. No motivation for anything else.

Maybe its the negative symptoms coming back cause you are off your meds. I stopped my meds for three days but had to resume them again, because my negative symptoms got worse. Perhaps go back on your pills. Did you function well on them or did the motivation only come back when you came off? Maybe your dose was too high, because that can mimic negative symptoms too. Speak to your pdoc.

I just post it this link on medication treat.

I’m actually back on the meds. When I was off them I had more motivation than this :frowning:

I had a lot of low motivation on the 10th day of reducing just a little amount. On the 10th day i increased it to the optimum dose. Every feeling gone immediatly, that determines that it was a withdrawal symptoms not negative symptoms coming back, withdrawal symptoms very person to person.

I hate that balancing act of too much med and your motivation dries up… not enough med and your motivation dries up.

Good luck and maybe just try one little thing at a time. It’s hard and I’m not trying to sound trite, but start small with the social net working and build from there. You’ll find that happy medium eventually.