Now I can't stay awake

This is just crazy. So first I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. Now I can’t stay AWAKE! Last night I took 4 NyQuil to help me sleep. I fell asleep at 5 am and woke up at 2 pm. But 2 hours later I was immensely sleepy again and fell back asleep. I slept again until 6 pm, was awake another 2 hours then passed out AGAIN. Each time I pass out I dream vividly. I already feel the need to sleep again. I only ate one meal today. I feel like I am completely out of control of my brain and its sleep.


I feel that way with my pills, if I don’t take them I can’t sleep if I take them all I do is sleep. I hope you find a balance @Anna

To add to this my appetite is so messed up. I go from no hunger at ALL like all day to random intense cravings. Like right now I am strongly craving some sort of sweet food like candy.

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Maybe you just boring

I’m in the same boat with having a dysfunctional sleep pattern. As far as I can tell, it’s due to my bipolar mood swings. While having a depressive episode I sleep more and can’t sleep much at all while tending towards mania. There’s large fluctuations from day to day, but always month or year long trends.

My mood has been pretty constant lately. I haven’t been depressed in months now!

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How are your symptoms. Has the sleep helped them at all?

Did you have something that you were trying to avoid doing? Sometimes I would oversleep as a form of procrastination to avoid doing chores or studying that I wasn’t looking forward to.

Also, I consider oversleeping to be a sign of depression even if you’re not consciously feeling sad. Your mind can play tricks to convince yourself that you’re not depressed, but I consider that a physical symptom of depression.

I see my Pdoc tomorrow and will request her to prescribe me provigil or nuvigil. Crossing my fingers that everything works out. I brought it up w/ my sleep doctor last week and they didn’t want to prescribe it out of fear of triggering a manic episode. It really pissed me off though since I’ve been on it before 6-12 months before and it didn’t cause mania.

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Good luck. My mood has been fine considering the psychosis troubles I’ve been having, but I also have had no energy, no appetite, bad anxiety, etc. I attribute that to having quit Zoloft though. I hope to get back on meds when I see my therapist this week.

@Jimbob I have still been hallucinating somewhat today, but no voices for the first time in over a week now.