Now for the birthday finale next weekend at my sisters!

my whole family minus a couple brothers will be at my birthday dinner on this saturday…gonna be a hoot…I will be playing guitar again and everyone is going to eat and drink very well…so I won’t be on that weekend either. just letting you know…I’m having a blast !!


We’ll make a thread anyway! Happy birthday!

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fifty ■■■■■■ seven. damn. and you may ask yourself…well, how did I get here?

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It’s crazy how fast time flies! Happy Birthday!!!

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Have a good time matey. You deserve it so enjoy yourself!

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Sounds awesome!
Enjoy @jukebox!!

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Hippo Bird Day!

ayyyyy happy birthday man!

Yes another trip around the sun. Hope it was a good one. I always remember your birthday. Because it is six days before mine.


thanks everyone…mom is taking us out for chinese today…gonna be fun !!

Happy birthday @jukebox! Enjoy the Chinese food!

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