Now For All You SSI recipients Who Spent Too much time failing college before getting sick at 23

Because you were not smart enough to see that you needed a job at 18 so you’d at least qualify for SSDI when you got sick rather than pursue that worthless college degree here’s how you’d do with a $15/hour work day. You’d be limited to working 52.8 hours without losing that precious medicaid. (that’s right try a first generation drug and see if you get lucky). That would average 1.32 hours a day in a 40 day work week. And that sums it up. (I’m on SSI)


Yup. I started working at 17-18 part time going to school. Went to cc for 3 years and university 1.5. Got sick at 22. On ssi. Picked a semi useless major. Took 10 years to recover somewhat. Im 32 now. I cant rely on ssi or ssdi.

I have to save up money and or make a lot the rest of my life till 60…

I graduated hs with low skills, no job, low gpa and couldnt get a job due to the economy and lack of references. I had undiagnosed autism and experienced reverse racism too.

It was either cc, work retail, or military. I chose cc.

I had an easy life as well as a rough life. Easy life ended for my in 2011 when i got diagnosed or hospitalized for substance induced psychosis.

I figure something went wrong with me in 2011 like mk ultra, aliens. Got stupid delusions i created bitcoin even though i didnt and i joined the illuminati/was targeted by them. If i created it, it was in another dimension, past life, parallel universe, aliens, or something. I think q is a time traveling ai quantum computer or something and im john titor. Got delusions im a super soldier.

I really wanted to join the military as an officer…but i got sick and cant remember my life. I get dreams/nightmares were im being tortured in my past lives by aliens and evil psychos. I rather keep the details to myself. I live in poverty and died poor and severely confused a billion times. I believe im psychic too. I think that sums up my 10 years of schizophrenia.

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