Now everyone knows

That Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are divorcing. That’s sad news. I had expected this couple to show a good example of marriage. Now they failed.

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I dunno…27 years is a pretty good run. If most people stayed married 27 years and raised their kids our country would probably be in better shape than it is.


Do you mean 27 years of marriage is already an achievement? good point!


Honestly once the kids are 18 I can see how divorce would become more appealing. Not sure how old their kids are though.

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I saw a picture of them on the news and they looked adultish. Not sure how old the picture was though…could be even older.


Their youngest is 18 and about to leave for university.

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I agree 27 years is well done.

They did well and it seems like they separate in with peace and respect.

They do a lot of good.

Apparently they gave more than half their money to their charity foundation and bill gates invested in vegan meat which I appreciate and want to eat.


I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. If he wasn’t rich and famous and he worked at the 7-11 down the street girls wouldn’t give him the time of day. But with 133 billion dollars I bet he looks mighty attractive to a lot of very attractive women. That’s helluva lot of temptation for a computer nerd to face.


Haha my mom says Bill Gates is a good guy. Can’t imagine having a father like that. My dad isn’t rich but he works hard all the time and my parents are separated. Hey, that’s funny…but I don’t think my mom would marry Bill Gates.

I don’t even want to ask her the question. She may get upset. She asked me the other day if I would give away my pet cat for a million dollars and I said no. Life is more precious to me than millions of dollars. I take good care of my pets.

I would never do what Elon Musk did to the monkeys…that’s borderline child abuse. Monkeys are like children, innocent little children, would you do that to a child?

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Hell, for $500,00, I would give up my first born son.

And buy a cat.

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I know you’re trying to be funny but that comment upset me.

Sorry. I didn’t intend to upset anyone.